Tuesday, November 29, 2011

//weekend update//

aaaauuuuggghhhhh. that's how i feel right now. i'm not sleeping again, and it can be quite annoying and preposterous . in other news, my back is better. did i tell you my back was bad? really bad. i might not even need PT. so that's good.
we had to put sweet little ozzie down. it's been so hard for both of us. it's confusing and empty. she was down to 5 lbs, heart not working well, in a lot of pain.....so we made the hard decision. we look at pictures of her and talk about how we want to "itch the little tummy" and "who is mama's girl?" and all the things we used to say to her. i don;'t have my pal now. i talked to her all day long, sang to her, and "itched her tummy". we will be getting another kittey, in the near future. we buried her in the backyard next to jeremy's kitty "isabeaux". jeremy's mom did a neat ritual when we buried her. it was beautiful and made me feel a lot better about the cycle of life and death and then life again. we just know she is coming back as a kitteh again in a healthy body for another family to love.
in fashion news:still waiting on the last shipment of fabric, then i'll start sewing. as a matter of fact, i'm going to start with what i have. but i lost my model's measurements. i'm not doing so well here.
how was your thanksgiving? i had my daughter here for a week. we had a lot of fun and laughs. i ate tofurkey. i discovered i do not like tofurkey.  i'm wavering on the vegan thing. right now i'm "mostly vegan". i admit it, yes, i've had an omelet or two. god, i  missed eggs and cheese! and out here at Waffle House, it's scrumptious velveeta!! my favorite. sigh.
hey, i need a smallish model. i need one plus size(have her)and one in the like size M-L range. interested? email me at: mylifeinviolet@gmail.com 
talk soon! xxxx

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