Sunday, December 04, 2011


sigh. oh! so here is our new baby, sookie!

full name-sookie stackhouse of course, but i tried to get creative with jeremy like "sookie cathouse" or "sookie stackmeow" (i admit it, they suck) and he said "no sir, i don't like it"(old ren and stimpy reference..) so anyways, she is getting spayed this week, and then we can pick her up. she is four months old and very sweet. we bought her some new toys, and it was sad to get rid of ozma's little house. we just didn't want to confuse sookie with ozma kitty smells, although i think she is going to smell them anyway. it's been bittersweet. i think i want her to be just like ozzie. i want her to let me do all the things ozzie let me do, but i know she is her own self, and i will love whatever her likes and dislikes are.
so it's almost christmas. sookie is like a christmas present to ourselves. i am so sad at this time of year to not to be with my kids and grandsons again. some things are rough here around that. but i can't go into it. i just get really lonely. ozma really helped that though, and sookie will help too. i always had to be a mama. to real kids, to furry kids...i had to love and care for someone at all times. for all of you who are young and want to move away from your sure it's what you really want. it can be hard on us parents. but my kids and i all grew up together, so we are very close.
i plan on taking christmas pics to post. i am not p.c. when it comes to christmas, i never say "happy holidays". if you are jewish or muslim or kwanza or anything else, just say your greeting to me. i think it will be lovely that way =)

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