Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

mrs kamakaze/mrs dna

oof! it's almost September and i need to get my shit together.  we ARE moving...but just across town.  jeremy did try to get a job in oregon, but there was just nothing. so we were getting broker and broker and our medical was running out...and just then, he was offered a mega-job here in birmingham. so of course he took it. here we are at least another year. we also decided that we can move into an apt(thank GOD) and found a lovely, foresty place right near his job. quiet, pretty, tranquil. just what i need. i'm so excited for sookie to see her new space! she won't know how to act with FIVE rooms to explore, poor little thing. the consensus is that living in a bedroom for six years has been the primary reason for my huge drop in  mental functioning.  i still can't believe that has been the case....i think i've been in denial.  

so i'm going to be taking my samples of mylifeinviolet and all the stock of fiveorsixgirls and sell at the monthly street fair on second ave. north. we do hang out down there a bit, it's where like-minded people are, and now i need to really get involved. i just hate feeling like a loner. trying to do my thing in an environment that is still foreign. but in a few certain parts of the city lie people and places that make me really smile.  to be among the artist/crafters/makers would be fantastic, as long as i have to be here for awhile longer. I have to make bigger use of my skills. i have to do bigger things.

i also am starting a new shop-for etsy as well. it will be stuff from my heart and from what i like and love. lots of vintage and upcycled fabrics and items and trims etc. and cast-off fabric from the garment district in Los Angeles. and all in plus size.  i'm working on it now, but with the move and a million other things i won't be able to get a full swing on until after we are settled in our new place. i promise pictures!

i also, at first reluctantly, have gotten into instagram. yes, it's fun! it has in no way detracted from my analog ways....i haven't had time to go out on shoots but i will..and when i don't have a camera or two i have the phone. i still like my analog pics best, truth be told.

okay and now the big news....during all of this madness, i scored an interview with stylist extraordinaire and coolest girl ever-Shirley Kurata!! 

she was super nice about it. i've sent her my questions and will be posting the interview when she sends them back and i edit.  of course there will be lovely photos as well as where she can be found.  

here are some photos i have taken lately along with a sneak peak of another item in my new shop....(and yes that's vintage 70's photo print fabric! almost impossible to find now.)


top to bottom: photoprint dress, someone's covering her face, jacob and liz,nani iro, bff's, aldridge gardens x3, balloons, first pic i ever saw of jer, first pic jer ever saw of me(oh-my hair was so much thicker..) xx

Friday, July 19, 2013

too much time has gone by

and i've already joined finally the ranks of the people who don't carry flip phones. i do so much on it that i hardly remember how to make a phonecall. yes, i'm among the living now and probably the last person to make it. much has gone on....we are here for another violet tried to get a job in oregon but no one was biting, and we needed income, and medical, and he got a super job here. and we are moving into an apartment. i'm quite excited to just RELAX and know that i have a whole space to wander around in, an actual kitchen, a living's so wonderful. a one bedroom apartment would seem big compared to what i've been in for over six years.

it's not great that we can't go back to the kids and grandkids (yet). but we will get to see them christmas. it will be so lovely to be in oregon, if just for a week. we can take trips now, with this new job. i'm opening another shop (and probably closing my current one)...developing that whole story and will let you know how it turns out.  i sit here craving fried chicken and v8 and haven't slept all night, having read an entire book. (An Extraordinary Theory of Objects: A Memoir of an Outsider in Paris).  it touched me fondly and it was all too real to me, her having mental illness. her writing is perfect. now i must read other books re:France as well, like again My Life In France, and another one i am reading but the name escapes me.

i wanted to leave you with photos, but i've gotten a new computer and need a new picture editing program so can't make it happen quite yet.  

watched Jules et Jim which came along with my French marathon right now. so extraordinary as well.

soon xx




Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New toys are GOOOOOOD

i have two new cameras-a minolta 110 zoom ( has a new line of 110 films!) and a olympus LT 35mm. they are so cool! i've shot one and a half rolls of the minolta, and just started a roll in the olympus. the minolta's turned out fabulous! so color-rich.i'm really excited about this camera.  i used the lomography 110 200 and tried hard not to jiggle it. even the sort of blurry ones i liked. you might notice i took lots of pics of the same red-flowered bush. it comes to bloom in the spring, i don't know what it is, and it doesn't last long. not even a month.  so every year i snap lots of shots.

i've been doing better pain-wise too. i saw an orthopedic surgeon and he took more xrays. he said i have so much arthritis built up on my pelvis that it meets in the middle, in the front. my pain level as you may recall was a 9. i started doing my PT exercises every day, and lots of yoga. i do a dvd called Big Yoga, for big bodies. i still can't get on the floor, so i do it on the bed. he also gave me a pain med that i took once before for my back and it helped. my pain level went from a 9 to a 2.  now i am awaiting back xrays to go forward with that.

jeremy just graduated from college. we are trying to figure out how to do this relocating thing. of course we want to be in oregon with  my family. but he hasn't gotten a job yet and our insurance runs out soon. so he will have to find one here, u ntil he gets one in Portland, or another city close to my son and his family.  he got an interview in Nashville, tho....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

oh my oh my oh my oh my

it's taken so long to get back to this and write to you and share.  my health has been quite bad. i spend most of my time in bed with tea and pain meds.  i keep hoping for an answer, a cure, a diagnosis, some relief at least.  i've never been this sick.  i would love it so much if you would send prayers and juju that something is found and relief can be on the way.

i have managed to get to the computer and post my new designs in my shop mylifeinviolet.  i mixed them in with the others and have gotten great responses. business has been going GREAT but i have to close the shops soon as we are moving in just a month from now (cross country).   i will open them up again when in oregon in my OWN HOME. you have no idea how wonderful those words sound.

in the meantime, here are the designs:

anyway, i hope you like them. i will miss my models lesley and jessica so much! they have been just great. 
also, i got a new camera...minolta 110! i know! but has made a nice little line of 110 films. i've shot one roll and can't wait to see it. i need to feel better to get out and do these things that make my life have quality. always praying, always chanting. xxx