Friday, July 19, 2013

too much time has gone by

and i've already joined finally the ranks of the people who don't carry flip phones. i do so much on it that i hardly remember how to make a phonecall. yes, i'm among the living now and probably the last person to make it. much has gone on....we are here for another violet tried to get a job in oregon but no one was biting, and we needed income, and medical, and he got a super job here. and we are moving into an apartment. i'm quite excited to just RELAX and know that i have a whole space to wander around in, an actual kitchen, a living's so wonderful. a one bedroom apartment would seem big compared to what i've been in for over six years.

it's not great that we can't go back to the kids and grandkids (yet). but we will get to see them christmas. it will be so lovely to be in oregon, if just for a week. we can take trips now, with this new job. i'm opening another shop (and probably closing my current one)...developing that whole story and will let you know how it turns out.  i sit here craving fried chicken and v8 and haven't slept all night, having read an entire book. (An Extraordinary Theory of Objects: A Memoir of an Outsider in Paris).  it touched me fondly and it was all too real to me, her having mental illness. her writing is perfect. now i must read other books re:France as well, like again My Life In France, and another one i am reading but the name escapes me.

i wanted to leave you with photos, but i've gotten a new computer and need a new picture editing program so can't make it happen quite yet.  

watched Jules et Jim which came along with my French marathon right now. so extraordinary as well.

soon xx




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jess said...

I love your world and then I think these things can please you,
this guy makes huge candles filled with sea and waves, it's beautiful!