Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Have An Excellent Idea Let's Change The Subject

another new favorite artist. called, wolfe von lenkiewicz. i found the pieces from his newcoming collection in the great UK mag "AnOther" (highly recommended). i'm going to be cutting these out and framing them for my wall. i absolutely love the first and last one the best. so darkly compelling.

" Wolfe von Lenkiewicz is an artist who employs some of the most well-known imagery in the history of art to create startling new forms that appear strangely familiar to the viewer – “re-sequencing” iconic works into contemporary pieces with a technique that intentionally mirrors that of genetic manipulation. For his forthcoming exhibition I Have An Excellent Idea Let’s Change The Subject he has re-sequenced John Tenniel’s classic illustrations from Alice In Wonderland, creating a heroine who references everything from the mysteries of alchemy to the cubist abstraction of Picasso. "

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