Wednesday, September 21, 2011

//changing my mind: part two//

i decided to make four lists. pros and cons for clothing, for pottery, for painting, and for photography:

pros-i sew well. fabric is light to carry and ship. i already have machines and a space. i do love creating garments(i've been doing it since i was 11). i'm excited about doing pure color this time. i think made to order will sell a lot better. i love the photo shoots. i can make a lot of different shaped people happy.

cons-i've been doing it a long time. my back hurts to sit for very long(i could get a better chair..). i need a coverlock machine(expensive). i'm afraid i won't be able to express myself enough. people could copy me(can't get around that one).

pros-i love looking for toys and trinkets and junk, it makes me so excited! i think i'm good at it. i know people would like what i do, it's more traditional than contemporary. i could branch this out into doing pique assiette on walkways of people's homes, on bathroom sink bottoms, and lots of other places. it is a tradition of my french culture.

cons-it's awfully heavy to ship and carry(depending on how big it is). i have NO pottery or anything to make them, so it would be buying from scratch. (my pottery and junk is in storage in oregon). it would mean i had to remove all my sewing stuff from my table and replace it entirely with this stuff. and it would be a pain to go back and forth from that(it can be a mess) to sewing. might make me not want to sew, just because of the hassle. someone in portland does the kind of pique assiette that i do, and she is very popular and established.

pros-i have a jillion cameras! i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE analog photography. my soul is enriched when i am shooting. i love doing styling too. love doing people. love experimenting. and i think i'm good at it. very light to carry and ship, inexpensive. doesn't cost much to make p rints.

cons-lots of competition. of people that are GOOD. maybe i'm the only one who really thinks i'm good(lol). takes time to go out and shoot, and it is very very tiring. (although my husband helps me completely=) scary to ask people if i can shoot them. haven't gotten entirely comfortable with that yet(even tho i am very much a people person).

pros-have a unique style. another way to love color and use it. could charge lots more for these than clothing. haven't painted in a while, would love to do it again. you can always paint over it=)not hard to carry or ship.i used to do piggyback paintings. meaning, you paint on top of an existing photo. i used a vintage Elvis calender.

cons-would have to clear off the sewing bit again. unless i could somehow have painting and sewing going on simultaneously(eek). takes longer than making a garment.(that's why i would charge more). lots of painting people on etsy.

so there you have it. i think i have decided to do the clothing. but i want to do something else too. maybe open another shop on etsy for photography. i will have to wait until i get home to get back into pique assiette and memoryware, as i will have more room, and here i am very limited. i do yearn to do something completely different tho. just because i have done this so long. but photography is relatively new for me(5 years?)so still very exciting, still learning. the changes i have in mind for my new clothing shop will be vastly different than the old one, so that could be like a new thing too. still sketching and making loads of lists....oh dear! no photos. okay, what can i post? i know! here are some of my husbands paintings. he is a true outsider..the last two are my piggybacks. the first one i sold. for WAY too little. i wish i'd have kept it. i still have loads of elvis pics left.

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