Monday, September 19, 2011

{another woman changing her mind}

i HOPE you know that i wasn't serious with that chauvinistic phrase....but yea, i am changing my mind around. or..i'm just thinking about other options right  now. maybe i don't want to make clothes anymore. maybe i just want to make one thing only. maybe i want to do something i used to do and i miss doing. maybe i need to get back to art. ART art. so, i've been thinking about when i used to do pique assiette, and memory ware. as a Frenchwoman, my nana, Juliette,  had pieces of each of these. i know the history, i know what it is and how to do it. it was really fun, because i was carrying on a tradition, and because i could play more.
i'm sure you've all seen examples of pique assiette. translated, it means "stolen from plates". it's covering the watts towers. people have covered houses with it. it means using broken pieces of plates and other ceramic dishware, mixed with other fun items like toys or statuettes or flowers, then using putty to seal around the shards. it is meant to be quirkey and uneven, not perfectly cut into little squares. i used to cover picture frames with this.
memoryware, was often jugs, covered with memorabilia and things a person used a lot, like thimbles, keys, beads, marbles, etc. then puttied around them in a sculptural manner, and painted bronze. i think i liked this the best of the two. i used toys, jewelry, figures, flowers, and all sorts of stuff. i used to get my toys at the goodwill, when they had a huge wooden box, and at the very bottom were all sorts of smallish ones for cheap. it was there and then that i found an old beetlejuice toy figure, and squealed with delight when i got it home, and my son and i inadvertently pulled off his head as we were spinning it around, to find another little tiny head underneath!! anyway, i got tons of stuff there. the wooden frames, too. i did find a pic of one of my frames, with a picture of elvis in it. i think i still have it in storage. but, i'm thinking, maybe i'd like to do this again. but do more than frames. do jugs, pitchers, jars, etc. and do all sizes of frames. i found a couple pics of pique assiette and memoryware too, that are a lot like how i do it. you have to smash the pottery with a hammer, not cut it with a cutting tool. unless you can cut it in wonky shapes..can you? i loved using toys in both. it was a part of me. this would mean, that i would have to go shopping. online for toy lots and little pieces of junk, and at thrifts and flea markets. i would spend way less money than i would buying tons and tons of fabric...i don't know. i'm thinking about it...what are your thoughts?

it just all reminds me of my nana and my heritage. it is close to my heart. what would nana say? to do what you love, that's what she'd say. my nana who was a ruth gordon clone. she'd say she'd be proud of me no matter what i do. thanks nana.
then again, i might want to sell my photos. or paintings. or maybe i should have another shop on etsy for just a second thing. it has to all solidify, it just HAS to! i'm counting on it. what do i love, and what am i good at? 


Austin Polymer Clay Guild said...

I've tried the petite assiette but didn't know it was called that and I've never heard of memoryware, but it is way cool.

I still have my Beetlejuice figurine with the tiny head underneath. It still even has most of the sword things that poke through him. I think someone got him for me for Christmas one year.


deborah said...

i swear, my son and i shrieked to the highest hills when we pulled off that head and found that bonus head!we didn't even know it came off! what a great toy!! it was the best toy we had ever seen. i still have it. glad you liked the info!