Saturday, September 24, 2011

//paris hilton says: "it's huge!"//

this is the palate for the new shop. All colors are on-trend with Pantone's 2011through 2012 forecast, and all of them are organic and eco friendly. i decided to nix black. everybody does black. i don't even want to have it as an option. i'm happy with them. um, i guess you have surmised that i will be doing clothing. yea, with a new approach and niche i think i will enjoy it. i also am going to open a second shop for my photos. that's my plan! OH!! and there is a very cool gallery/shop here that is so's called Naked Art and it is owned by a cool Belgian woman. i just realized that i could sell any other things i want to make there!(if she wanted to of course), but i think i fit right in. there is no memoryware there at all, mosaic stuff but not like the pique assiette i do. so! it's all huge.


thewonderfulhappens said...

love the colors!

deborah said...

thanks elizabeth! those are the final ones=)