Saturday, August 20, 2011

//you make me want to shout//

yay! i'm totally good. i had a long talk with my husband and business consultant(heh) and i'm going to be shutting down my shop. i'll keep the sale on for awhile, and maybe even make it lower. for right now i'm in research mode. i'm going to open a NEW shop. new name, new concept, new niche, new everything. yes, and that means this blog name will be changed too. but i'll alert you about that, so you don't lose me. you don't want to lose me, do you?? i thought not. I have great ideas. i have peace of mind. i have heavily vibed-out energy. i had so m any questions, and it was amazing how i figured out so much in so little time. i had a pretty fantastic tarot reading too, and it was completely right on. if i  may, i will share my friend Jagadeesh's website, where he does free readings. he is GOOD. and he's my friend. fear not the tarot, it is not from the devil. it is in alignment with the earth and the stars. anyway! some fashion related business. xx

Runway hair 2011....

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