Monday, August 22, 2011

//I have a new boyfriend at PF Chang's//

I'll take a pic of him next time we go. He has some serious dimples, dude. Every time he flashed them I'd go sliding under the table. Jeremy(my husband) said, "You should ask him out". I was all "what? is he serious? does he want to go poly?" PF Chang is my new favorite restaurant, because they have some vegan stuff. And they make a big point to ask you about food allergies and whatnot. Everything is FRESH like crazy. I had vegetables and tofu with a curry coconut sauce. It was SO delicious! We split stuff now because I can't eat like i used to. Still fat, but I got overly stuffed on half a plate.  We also had these yummy spring rolls. I usually hate chinese food, because of the gloppy brown sauce they put on everything. It's the spam of Asian food. But this place is all fresh and no gloppy brown sauce on anything. hooray!

So we celebrated our anniversary this weekend.  We stayed at the Wynfrey Hotel.   We also went out to breakfast, at Waffle House, a southern staple. There is one on every corner, just like Starbucks in the Northwest. I wore my Smiths "Meat is murder" shirt(it's a smiths' album, come on), which i'm sure they all really appreciated.  It's been a big weekend. We thrifted, yard saled, shopped, i made a book out of a vintage record sleeve(way cool!) and i am brainstorming my new business. I'm taking a full month to sort it out. I for sure want to do one thing mainly, not a lot of things. I want it to be more streamlined. I want to take measurements and do custom orders instead of  just making different sizes and posting them up. I want to only use solids. I want to use organic hemp jersey. I want everything easy and comfortable. I think i want to hand dye them all. I want to use earth-friendly dyes. There are many variables I am thinking of...I'm just jotting them all down (in my album cover book!) and letting them slowly solidify. It has to be utilitarian. I want the pics all modeled by actual ladies. I want to take a lot of time to do everything just right.

 Tell me the things that you like in basics. What basic garments do you like to have in your closet? 

top to bottom: lamp w/birds at the Wynfrey, album cover book front, back, vintage virgin(i collect them, painting it yellow), GORGEOUS huge (x2!) embossed drapes, striped knit mock t, botanical drawing, tray to make a shrine.


lee said...

What a good haul! I like loose fit comfy stuff always.

deborah said...

me too, and i heart stripes!!