Wednesday, November 07, 2012

getting through

you know when you have bad things and good things happen all at the same makes you feel so mixed up and confused. ever make such a mistake that you lose a friend...but have your candidate win...see what i mean? or your mother becoming more delusional but having the best idea you've had in forever? small t hings that get me through:

lotion that smells like oranges
good coffee
people that miss you
working on orders and being pleased with the results
a freshly vacuumed rug
crying and getting it all out
the yellow, orange, green and red leaves
working on interviews(more soon)
dying my hair a pretty red
always taking photos
pain medication
a newly thrifted hippie skirt
kitty cuddling

didn't sleep tonight. i'll catch up later today. i'll have new photos soon and pics of my samples and
some good news! i heard that time heals all wounds. xx

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