Monday, November 12, 2012


so i decided that i would take my interview skills from my zine project 50 to my blog. I still love doing my zine, but i am so busy these days that i don't have time to make another issue right  now. and doing it here on the blog is soooo much more efficient. (yes i will do more issues too, just later...) and lucky you, i have two exclusive interviews up.. the first....

About a week ago, i found this AMAZING artist called Bryce Wymer. The first thing i saw was  his time lapse drawings he had up on his website:

I was blown away at his technique, how he covers and covers and covers with layers...they are amazing, aren't they?!
Besides his trippy drawings, Bryce does installations, wood sculpture, pottery, concept art and little books which can be found on his website .I immediately contacted him about doing a brief interview, and he agreed.  Here are some of his works plus the little chat:

BRYCE WYMER  is an artist, illustrator and creative director living in Brooklyn, NY. 
Thank you so much for agreeing to let me interview you, Bryce! I'll be including lots of your work along with this piece.

I'm so excited about your work! I think what inspired me the most were your Flat Earth time lapse drawings. i love the layers and how some never get seen in the end.  do you use anything besides water color, gesso, (guache?) and micron pens?

The media listed above are what I tend to work with the most. Although when I travel I tend to use what ever is available. For a couple years I was only using collaged local newspapers and hotel ball point pens. Its sometimes interesting what you create when you limit you tools.

i love how you draw hair and do shading. how long does it actually take for you to do them? 
It really doesn't take long at all. Basically I just commit to something and if it doesn't work out I will edit it out later. 

who are your influences, early and now?
As far as illustration is concerned I would say everything from Charley harper to Henry Darger. p.s. This week.

I also really like the music you pair with each drawing. is the music on the videos what you listen to?  do you listen to it when you work?
Yes a lot of that music is the music I grew up listening to. I tend to gravitate towards older less known tracks. A lot of them encapsulate the way I was feeling about the narrative I was creating. 

I want to mention your Etsy shop. . i'm so glad to see you there, and your stuff is so affordable.
Go for it! 

i love the "face front book" available in your shop and plan to give it to my son (who also draws) for christmas. i think my grandsons would also really like it. Is it geared toward children?
A majority of the work I create for  Flat earth studios has a child like approachability. It has taken me quite a while to realize that less is truly more. I try to simplify as much as I can but sometimes I cant help myself.
Thank you so much, Bryce! I have enjoyed talking to you and I'm sure my readers will as well. take care! 

Next up-an interview with a Project Runway winner...i'm going to keep you guessing until i post it hopefully this week! xxx


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that is so sweet, maria! thank you! i will for sure check out your blog!
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