Sunday, August 14, 2011

i've been wearing {mascara} lately

and it makes me feel like i'm too "dolled up". maybe it was the thick brown eyebrows i drew on there to go with it. i feel weird about wearing makeup anymore, and i LOVE makeup. i put a little bit on, and i think suddenly i look like a hooker. no pictures, because my hair is too short right now.
Had a fun day going to yard sales and hanging out on south side. south side is the most comfortable i can get here, because there you will see hippies, colored hair, tatts, street people, and the guy who likes to tell me big whoppers(not pictured). here i am with my peeps. shoot, my hair is in the picture. that's my new boyfriend roosevelt, with his arm around me. look how happy he is to get his picture taken with a gorgeous red-headed babe.  i took a picture of all of them (b/w), and then roosevelt insisted on taking one of me too with my digital.

they are great guys. plus three feet, he took the picture, but you'll remember i posted one of him before.(you DO remember, don't you?!)  we like to go every few weeks and hang out at the starbucks, and see who's around. i'm doing a series on guys with long hair, so i took the first one today. it's also black and white. he was a real nice guy and said i could have him "any way i wanted" (heh). i'll show you those when i get them processed. also, i am entering a competition for b/w photos, and hope to have stuff on this roll to include as well. it's through the lomography site, which is listed on my blog roll to the right. i'm compiling pics as i take them, so i can show them when i get back to portland, hopefully. i haven't shown in awhile. i need to get myself out there again. mostly, people are really nice when i ask to take their photo. i think only one guy once said no. he interrogated me, like "who are you?" "why do you want my picture"? "where's it going to go?" and then "no, i don't think so". i really want to take people right now. i wanted to take a photo of some people outside the mission, but jeremy freaked out about that. he thought that maybe they would think i was being condescending, but that isn't my motivation at all. i just like a bit of life, and i particularly like it when it's in more economically challenged sections of town, because i see a lot of beauty and poignancy there.

 here's the mellow mushroom, also in southside. it's a pizza place. it's got really good pizza, but you have to wait like forEVer.

OH! i'm posting my collection!! it's at . here are some pics if you want a preview:

for the whole collection, check out the link above. more things still to post, including the wedding dress-with a real live model! xx

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Amber said...

I really like some of those dresses!

I know what you mean about mascara. I like it, but sometimes it's just too much for the occasion.