Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I can hardly contain myself

I'm getting some new things soon.....want to see? i'm so excited I can't stand it already. First, a new camera. I have had a Pentax Optio for years and loved it, but it was way time to upgrade with 4mp...so I decided to stick with the optio and go up to the RZ10. FOURTEEN mp, 10x zoom! amazing macro.

Not fancy, but a good camera for what I need now. I think I dropped my old one too many times. or, seriously? Does that make it stop taking good pictures??
Next-oh man, i'm fervently delighted about this, some vintage 60's maryjane kitten heel pointy toe shoes! Could you die? I have been trying to find shoes like this on  TUK's website, but rarely do they have 11's.

Next, I'm getting some cool little earrings that I tagged in my treasury on Etsy called "Aquarius Aquarius".

Last, I got a really wonderful piece of fabric that has been hand-dyed and hand stamped.

I'm also looking at some hand-dyed and velvet ribbons and pretty, springtime soft prints.
all for now!

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thewonderfulhappens said...

sounds so fun!!!