Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion Design Fun                                                               
I have fun designing and make a lot of clothes for myself, too.
I use a lot of vintage fabrics which I love,and really soft modal
jersey. I like mixing prints up in a bohemian style, it's how
I decorate too! I always have to have some lace,or fringe,
or odd elements from the thrift store. I also like to silkscreen.
I started making clothes when I was 11. Mostly because
I wasn't finding things I liked(even at that age) in stores,
so I made them up. When I was a kid, I made little
gingham tops and shorts with ruffles to go with them.
Or lots of dresses, A line dresses as I got into my teens,
in lots of prints and patterns, wearing colored tights that
matched! My mother taught me to sew. She made her
own clothes and mine and my sisters, and she was a
beautiful seamstress. Just perfection. I didn't always like
to MATCH my sister, but oh well=) I have always done
some kind of art. This is what I mostly do right now, as well
as collages and photography.

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