Thursday, April 25, 2013

oh my oh my oh my oh my

it's taken so long to get back to this and write to you and share.  my health has been quite bad. i spend most of my time in bed with tea and pain meds.  i keep hoping for an answer, a cure, a diagnosis, some relief at least.  i've never been this sick.  i would love it so much if you would send prayers and juju that something is found and relief can be on the way.

i have managed to get to the computer and post my new designs in my shop mylifeinviolet.  i mixed them in with the others and have gotten great responses. business has been going GREAT but i have to close the shops soon as we are moving in just a month from now (cross country).   i will open them up again when in oregon in my OWN HOME. you have no idea how wonderful those words sound.

in the meantime, here are the designs:

anyway, i hope you like them. i will miss my models lesley and jessica so much! they have been just great. 
also, i got a new camera...minolta 110! i know! but has made a nice little line of 110 films. i've shot one roll and can't wait to see it. i need to feel better to get out and do these things that make my life have quality. always praying, always chanting. xxx


Vesta Richardson said...

oh, Deb honey. I love you. I also love your clothing. I also love your leaves in the pictures. How did you make them?

deborah said...

i had them printed professionally for best quality, drew on them, and then scanned them back in. hee. i'd like to do more of that xx