Monday, July 16, 2012


so, apparently i'm having a hernia or some other sort of painful thingy. so, i'm having a wobble. i really hate, hate surgery, i get so anxious and freaked out. just scared to death. but it's quite painful so i want to have it done soon.  my torn rotator cuff has gone from bad to worse as well, and i'll have to wait till the hernia is sorted and i've mended good and proper before i can even think about my NEXT NEXT surgery. as my mom used to say, "OOOO LA LA LA LA", shaking her head.

Waiting for orders on my new shop. i know, i know the competition is much more fierce than ever now, with so many people on etsy. i also think since there is no feedback, people are interested (because i have almost a thousand views) but waiting for someone ELSE to leave feedback. sigh. but it's a good shop, it really is.  i'm very proud of it.
so come over and check it out again, and there is 20% off the first two orders! that's going to be like
10-15$ on most of it, so, a nice savings. coupon code is "summertime". i can't say enough how amazing this fabric is. i do yoga and sleep in it!


thewonderfulhappens said...

Miss you, Deb! Good luck with your surgery!

deborah said...

i'll have to get my shoulder next after that, but i will swim between times and afterwards xx

deborah said...

miss you too!

chantal said...

Good luck with the surgery.

And I really like that teal top with the flower, it's super cute.

deborah said...

thanks chantal! i sold it xx