Friday, May 11, 2012

my life in transition

Sorry about not posting lately. I've been feeling pretty rough, and i tested positive for lupus. So I just have to wait until June 27 to see a rheumatologist. I'm exausted, weak, and painful. But I am in good spirits, and my allergies are all but gone, as long as i stick to the Candida Diet. It really works! It's just that one website will tell you you can't eat something, and another site will say you can. So, I am pretty much going by what my body says. If i start flaring badly, I avoid whatever it is that i ate. Yea, i sure miss sugar, coffee, and cheese. But i am a clever trousers, and I have been eating well despite it all. I have even lost 13 lbs since adopting this plan! I had to see if the chlorine in the pool i go to was an allergy aggravater . It doesn't seem to be, so I can continue to excersize that way, it's like the only way i can really " work out". I put that in quotes as I am really modifying what i used to be able to do, so it's not like i'm sweating or something. But i'm moving, and that's good. I am trying to take really good care of myself, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.

Musically, I've been listening to playlists posted on the Rookie site, which are also posted on the 8tracks site. I especially like one called "Let's not suck" by tulletulle.      You should defintately check it out xx Taking pics tomorrow at the Pepper Place, which is like Portland and Eugene's Saturday Market, only on a real small scale. Jeremy has a thing about home grown produce-I try to tell him, the grocery store's produce come from the same earth...and actually, the organic stuff has better earth x

Coming up....introducing you to my models, Sarah, Jessica, and Lesley! xx  have a great weekend!xx


Pattyskypants said...

Lupus is rough, but you are being very intelligent about how to live with it! xxoo

deborah said...

thanks! i'm doing my best xx