Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun with Feature Films

Here are some films i have seen recently. We rent films voraciously or buy 5$ ones at Walmart. i tell Jeremy "if we just rent this stuff, we don't have to lug all this extra home next year...."

In Time-2011 with Justin Timberlake and that girl i can't stand, amanda seyfried. It was a good concept, but there were too many flaws and loopholes. like, why didn't they have cell phones? and who would have voted for "when you run out of time, you die"?? also stilted dialogue. Don't bother.

Melancholia-2011 Lars Von TRier. Kristin Dunst's best performance to date. Even with all the tragedy, it was beautiful. Just trumped my fave Von Trier movie, Breaking the Waves. Absolutely rent this.

Horror Express-1972 Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. There's a frozen relic on the train and it's killing people and turning them into vampires. Hoakey but i loved it.

The Thing -2011 Prequel to John Carpenter's film of the same name. What happens when they find the "thing" at the Norwegian camp. GREAT special effects, and i'm of the old school where i think handmade monsters are way better than CGI. also great nod to Carpenter at the end....even better than i expected!

Dead Ringer -1964 Bette Davis. A full-on cheese factory! But it's oh-so fun. Poor sister kills rich twin and trouble ensues. will watch this again and again!

Another Earth -2011. A duplicate Earth is discovered where the same p eople reside but things are just a little different. Quiet and beautiful.

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