Thursday, October 27, 2011

walking in l.a.

i'm back! i had a wonderful time. (in case you forgot, i was in l.a. for my 40th hs reunion). it was amazing to see everyone i have been talking to on facebook, my classmates that i didn't know in high school but wished i did. the cliques were all gone, it was just a bunch of 58 year olds being grateful to be there and to see everybody. the love was overflowing! my bff from junior high school rushed up to me and hugged and kissed me and wouldn't let me go! we both cried. it was emotional. such good people. so many soul connections. i still get teary when i see pics from it!  i did much more than the reuinion, we went somewhere every day for nearly two weeks! i saw a buddhist temple, olvera st., yogananda's meditation garden where some of gandhi's ashes are buried, the ocean, ate at lots of yummy vegan restaurants, and of course TONS of SHOPPING,(japanese dollar store! fabulous fabric store! yogananda's gift shop!) along with other fun things. here are some pics from the trip:

top to bottom: 3.49 a lb, succulents, reunion x3, buddha burrito, koi,  surfboards, j.m., leo carillo, olvera st., me and karen, la cita, buddhist temple x3.

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