Sunday, September 04, 2011

{a little information}

hey! i get to go to my high school reunion!! my bff in junior high sent me the planefare. how cool is that??? i can hardly believe it. i just know i'm going to cry. i get overwhelmed easily. i'll also get to spend time with my bff from high school and my stepmom who i haven't seen since my dad passed(3 or 4 years ago). plus, since i grew up in los angeles, it's always nice to visit. i love the palm trees, and the weather, and the atmosphere. i do love california, even tho i call my home portland. pictures will be posted when i get back! i leave the 4th of oct, get back the 13th.
 i am also starting a new feature on my blog, interviews with fellow designers, mostly on Etsy. My goal is to get good information from each about running a clothing shop, designing, what makes them successful, their own pov. SOO excited to start with one of my fave designers on etsy, alix of treehouse28! i will be posting that probably tomorrow.
and yes, i changed the name of my blog. but you can still get here by i did some intensive investigating, and it appears that i would lose all my followers, my search capability on google....and that just sounded like a big problem, so i just changed the name, and kept the url. so it's like fiveorsixgirls presents-my life in violet=) it works for me xx
here are some shots i took with my diana f+ w/35mm back with kodak tri-x 400

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