Thursday, July 21, 2011

class of 1971

that's me on the left, on our senior quad  at Reseda High School, in Reseda, Ca, where i grew up. that was part of my "family", my best friends, the group we called "the idiots". that girl in the middle, Karen, is still my best friend, after 44  years. and one other guy, not in the picture; we're still in contact too. the rest-i have lost contact with.

two days ago, i found the group on facebook "Reseda High School, class of 1971". I fou nd my best friend from junior high. i found another one of the "idiots". i found all kinds of people who i remembered, and who i didn't think knew i existed. they said "i remember you, deb!" people who i never even really spoke to, because they were popular and i wasn't, say "i remember you!" in the friendliest way. there is no separation anymore. the jocks, popular kids, misfits(me), and everybody else are all nice, friendly, genuine, 58 year olds.i continue to have conversation after conversation with people i barely knew, but i knew who they were.. i am telling them things i wished i could have said then, like "the way you drew really inspired me", or "you made me feel better about being chubby" . people that seemed so far away from me,  yet i saw them every day. one guy told me "i'm sorry that i didn't want to hold your hand for the may pole in grammar school". and "i hope that's not what drove you to younger men!"(my husband jeremy is 17 years younger than i). and i think i may have found the girl in the photo, at the far right. we have been trying to find her for decades. i hope it's her, i think it's her.
cross your fingers for me!


oldflowers4me said...

fingers x

deborah said...

thank you! but alas, she didn't respond. it is either not her, or she chooses not be a part of us anymore. and that's okay=)xx