Monday, March 07, 2011

I don't sleep, ladies and gentlemen

hi. my name is deb. i just discovered Pinterest, and my God, it's all i do. If you haven't discovered it yet, it is really cool, but you just want to fill it all up in one night or something. You make pinboards. Some of mine are: the best hair, creepy dolls, where i want to be, jewelry, art heart, photography love, and you get the picture. Oh, don't forget " cutest girls". It's like, unlimited. I sit here for hours looking at all my faves( and oh boy, do I have plenty) on flickr to fill in. people are re-pinning them left and right. That means they l ike t hem, and THEY want them too, for one of their boards. It is certainly a good way to get an interesting look at someone!  So, here are my boards:  Tell me what you think. I want to put my clothes on there too. But I have decided, that I almost want to wipe out my clothes and redo them all. Seriously! And get out of my own way. And stop being safe. I know, i've talked all about this before. But, I'm doing it now. Tim Gunn came to me in a dream, and told me, i was on the right track. How much more of an omen do I want? I also made the decision to start including smaller sizes. Big decisions! But fresh and good. I yet also decided, that I don't have near enough color up in here(the "bedroom"). I have weird taste, people. I have very eclectic style. Thrift store, flea market, nothing new, style. The opposite of The Pottery Barn. But I need more color around me, a LOT!
My husband Jeremy tells me that I don't ever break for paragraphs. ahem. Okay, I'll be keeping an eye on that. Meanwhile, I got my new camera today, and I AM SO THRILLED! It takes glorious pictures! It's easy to operate, and I think I can actually use it to take pics for my shop! Pictures coming. After I wash my hair.

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