Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to make a cool cool headboard

Yay! A tutorial!  It is  from I am going to make this when we move back to Portland. It is made from cardboard, batting, and burlap coffee bean bags. How cool do they look? This is exactly my style. I love the  last picture, and the pillows against it. Perfect! Here is the tutorial:

What You Need:

Materials:- Residential insulation sheathing, ½ thickness
- Rolled, medium-weight batting
- Grain sacks, coffee bags, or fabric of choice
- Industrial-strength staple gun
- 5/16-inch staples
- Pencil
- Fabric shears
- Utility knife
- Iron

Create a Pattern

Design your own cardboard pattern and use a pencil to trace its outline onto insulation sheathing.

Trace the Shape

Flip the pattern as desired, creating convex and concave curves.

Cut the sheathing

Cut insulation sheathing along the pencil line with a utility knife.

Staple the Batting

Staple batting overlay onto the insulation board using an industrial strength staple gun. Cut away excess batting.

Staple the Fabric

Spread fabric across the insulation sheathing and batting. Start with the left portion of the headboard and staple fabric to the back of the insulation sheathing. Pull fabric taut. Then, staple fabric to the back of the insulation sheathing’s right portion.

Cut Vertical Slits

If the pattern involves curves, first cut two-inch slits into the fabric at the board’s curves to release tension.

Move to Top

Next, staple fabric to the top portion of the insulation sheathing, inserting staples into the back of the board. Pull fabric taut and repeat the procedure on the bottom portion of the insulation sheathing. Cut away excess fabric and batting with fabric shears.

Iron It Out

Lay headboard flat and iron or steam out wrinkles.

Mount the Headboard

Use an existing tack strip to mount the headboard onto the wall. If a tack strip is not provided, the headboard must extend to the floor.

This website gives thanks to  for it's linens, and the advice on how to make them. You could use all kinds of things besides coffee bags too-sew together a bunch of mis-matched prints, use a sari, or how about sumptuous velvet?? What kinds of things would YOU use??? Tell me!


Rebecca said...

This is so awesome! I've always wanted to make my own headboard. I have some adorable yellow and ochre striped fabric that I would use, if I had enough of it.

deborah said...

it looks so easy, with the stapler! i can't wait to make one=)