Tuesday, March 29, 2011


That's right-I am making my first collection! It will be my Summer 2011 Collection. Largely influenced by the book "Hippie" by Barry Miles..

and other sources. Some keywords as a preview: Polkadots, stripes, modness, mixed prints, embellished colored camisoles, patterned leggings, big ruffles, groovy wide legged pants, lots of color, mini's, maxi's.....fun, fun things to mix into your current wardrobe. And, as I mentioned before, it will be a mix of plus and smaller sizes. I still plan on keeping plus size as my focus, but i want to add in some smaller stuff and see how it goes. I'm so excited! There will be 15-20 pieces, and it will launch sometime around June/July. They will all be posted together on my shop on Etsy. Of course, I am going to have to have a party, and you are cordially invited!
In other news....I started drinking Yerba Mate, and I think it is going to replace my coffee-drinking. I know, shock, right? But it is so mellow, and it makes you feel so....like "I love everyone and everything in the world", and doesn't crash you like coffee does. and I have a real THING about coffee too...so we'll see. What would be REALLY cool, is if i could stop taking my anti-depressant and just drink this instead. I drink it every day. It is really mild, tastes like green tea, and I don't even put any sweetener in it. It lowers cholesterol, fights cancer, fights obesity, and is an anti-oxidant.  It gives you a "calm energy". It DOES have caffiene in it, but less than coffee, and without the side effects. I'm so glad my son Noah told me about it! He drinks it every day too. It may cost more than buying coffee however in the long run, but if it kept me from being depressed and rapid cycling, it would be worth it's weight in gold=)


thewonderfulhappens said...

I'm so excited about your collection--and the smaller size option!!! I want to come to the debut party!

deborah said...

oh yes do! i'm so excited about it too!

chantal said...

That's awesome! I hope you post sneak peaks!

deborah said...

chantal-i plan on it!! xx