Sunday, February 13, 2011

You say it's your birthday

Friday was my birthday=) I had a lovely time, and got lovely stuff from my husband Jeremy...

 and my two thoughtful kids..

I went thrifting and got lots of good scores...

then to my favorite gallery (Naked Art) (it's very Portlandy) and found something wonderful for Jeremy to give me for Valentines Day (isn't that how it works?)...

 painted jar lids (mine says "Mon petite chou-which means "my little cabbage", and is what my French grandmother used to call me as a child)....

a birthday mix cd from my friend Shelly (who shares the same birthday) complete with kitties!..

1.Figure 8-Lovers
2.How can we be strange-Bis
3.Bring back art-jenny hoyston
4.#1 Must have-Sleater-Kinney
5.International dateline-Ladytron
6.All yr songs-Diamond rings
8.Music is my hot hot sex-CSS
9.Off our back-Men
10.Telephone-Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce
11.Tight pants/body rolls-Leslie Hall
12.Something happened on the way to heaven-Phil Collins
13.Make it Beautiful-the Shondes
14.Papa Gene's blues-Monkees
15.Of moons, birds and monsters-MGMT
16.Let it rain-Tilly and the Wall
18.Imaginary Women-Lovers
19.But the shape is wide-Tender Forever
20.You are the sunshine of my life-Stevie Wonder

the money from my SIL and MIL to order this..

.. out to my favorite restaurant Iguana Grill, then finished it off with some cuddling. Cue the candles and romantic music.(and repeat on Monday..)


thewonderfulhappens said...

I don't know if a birthday could get any better than that!!! Glad it was awesome!

Rebecca said...

happy b'day!

deborah said...

thanks! xx