Saturday, January 29, 2011

These are just some of my favorite things

Here are some of my favorite things on Etsy right now...

"I dreamed I was in Africa" by  Italic Ampersand

Heart pin by ruddlecottage

Tin can (made from a catfood lid) shrine kit by Silver Crow

"Flies in the Honey" necklace by Schmutzerland

"Roses are Red" hat by BobbinsandBeagles

"Ruby red strawberry flower earrings" by Bohemian Jewelry

That first necklace is killer, right???! What are some of yours? I would like to see!


Will Write 4 Food said...

I love the African inspired necklace! There is so much going on that I would probably buy it just to display it in my house!

Will Write 4 Food

Angela said...

Bohemia Jewelry is one of my favorite shops! I also love that fly necklace! Great picks!

deborah said...

oh i LOVE that first necklace..i would wear it all the time for sure if i could afford it. i also love pictures of flies, so the necklace is neat to me=)xx

deborah said...

oh and i definately want to get earrings from bohemian jewelry!! takes me right back to the sixties=)

Rebecca said...

That macrame heart is so neat!

Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog! I didn't know you sold at Fat Fancy, I'll have to keep an eye out for your items if I go back there (it's quite a drive for me from Seattle). I was really impressed by their shop though!

deborah said...

fat fancy rules! i am from portland actually.

Eclectic Gipsyland said...

OMG, the African necklace is amazing. Beautiful choice you've made here!