Sunday, January 23, 2011

All in the family

Jeremy Desmond Henry and me


Noah and Vesta

Sasha Henry and Noah

Voodoo donuts from Portland

I miss my family.
My husband lost his job. I have been trying to stay strong, and so is he. I need to be on different meds again. It seems like a forever-long process! Trying to find the right one, or combination to work just right. "Stay strong" my friend Debora told me. It is my mantra right now. I'm working on a sweater made from other sweaters of different colors, with the edges serged! I found a thrift where the sweaters were cheaper, so I loaded up. I also bought a big pile of vintage scarves to make into other, mixed up scarves. Or to add to dresses and tops or pants or skirts. I have to immerse myself in sewing. My Etsy site is all revamped. Go and see! . Tell me what you think!  I think I need to read the book Thrift Score by Al Hoff again, it is soooo inspiring!


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry to hear about your husband losing his job. I hope he is able to find something even more awesome very quickly!

deborah said...

thank you so much, rebecca! xx

UggBoot said...

aaah! Finding meds is a nightmare. Good on you for using sewing/knitting to help you deal with everything. Having a partner without a job is a terrible emotional and financial stress.
BTW - a lighter aside - I like your too short bangs - you look v. funky!

deborah said...

thank you!!

deborah said... you have a blog?