Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It really was a good idea

I made this dress about three years ago for my store.  It never sold. I don't know why, I thought it was awfully pretty, and kind of rockabilly with it's polkadots and orange underskirt.

I just love polkadots! (One reason I love Mondo so much=) So, the other day I was looking at it and I thought "hey!" why don't I make a skirt out of it? So I cut the top off (oo yes I winced!) and now I am sewing elastic in the waistband.

 It will still have that rockabilly feel, as it will be below the knee. A great party skirt! Course, I always think of fifties styling, and would love it paired with little socks and loafers. I promise to model it when I finish. Then, it will go either into my Etsy shop, or at Fat Fancy in Portland where I also sell my clothes. Rock on! xxx

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