Friday, December 17, 2010

And now for something completely different

Remember I told you I was going in a different direction with my clothing? Well, not so much a different direction, but more the way I used to make them... I started digging through my boxes of fabric, and began pulling out all kinds of things to play with. I want to go back to making clothes with mis-matched prints, two or more, and ribbons and vintage trims. Experimental construction.  Fringe. Pompoms. Doing a lot more deconstructing and reconstructing. Big huge corsages made out of tulle and organza or shantung. Gypsy skirts. Lace. Camis hand-dyed and  slips made into dresses . Sink-in-your-teeth velvets. Exposed stitching. Hand-sewing. Embroidery. Vintage T shirt parts attached to other fabrics and made into something new.  I need to make what is really in my heart. This is the real me. These are some of the things I have made before:
Tunic from a vintage slip and vintage scarves.

peasant with vintage mixed prints.

reconstructed dress made out of vintage fabric, a thrifted skirt and shirt.

pieced together dress with vintage sex pistols tshirt sleeves .

cut up and laced with leather and grommets up the sides.

chinese kimonos and vintage scarves

inside-out brocade with a silkscreened red bird and a red ribbon.

ruffle made from purple stretch lace.

reconstructed top with vintage applique.

vintage prints and velvet dress with handmade poppy.

vintage scarves with tank and applique

 I don't want any regrets when I get old about, did I truly do what I loved? Did I go all out? I think I just had a period where I felt I needed to be "safe" with what I made. While I liked everything, underneath I longed to just be mad and unrestrained..Don't think about "will they like it? Do I need to tone it down?"   I tell myself-Don't compromise. Let all your imaginations and visions be translated into reality. Keeping you posted...


Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

these are all so great and fun!

deborah said...


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, i love them all! But especially the two pieces that have the flowers appliqued!

deborah said...

thank you, rebecca! i still have some of that fabric left that i used to cut the flowers out of.=)

UggBoot said...

inside out brocade with a screen print!! awesome idea, awesome originality. LOVE.