Tuesday, October 05, 2010

We make zines

As you can see on the right, I am a member of "We make zines". It is a wonderful site to belong to! There are many groups you can join, all geared to your individual needs. People over 30, people over 40, people in the south, a zine-trading group, for riotgrrrls, for feminists, for fatties, for mental illness, for photographers, and many more. I am  having a ball in the zine-trading group, called "Let's trade zines!". I have gotten scads of zines, all so different, and oh-so much fun! Some, more serious than others, which are lovely. I just love getting a manilla envelope with a surprise or two inside! Sitting down in a comfy chair (or sprawling on a bed) with an iced latte(or it's getting to be a hot latte soon..)and a stack of zines is a swell way to spend a day.  I highly recommend joining, and getting in on some great reading, as well as making new friends! I now have a penpal in the UK. Hurrah!

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