Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I had an entry about the Superheadz roll that i took, and how i was disappointed. i deleted it. i'm sorry i did. Seems i think you can just buy something and shoot it and boom, you get exactly what you want. i have soooo much to learn! I got to talking about holgas and film and cross processing with a new friend, and i think i have only barely scratched the surface. I found the site Lomography and once i started, there was no turning back! There is sooo much information there, i will be reading for a long time. So many types of film, combinations of film/cameras, processing,...I am sending for a few rolls to start and see how i go. So, I can use my h olga, and my Superheadz both in trying different 120 and 35mm film. I also have a Smena, but it's at home in storage. I only have two shots, double exposures that i did with my holga a few years ago to show you. Bear with me, i am a beginner at this. Since i can no longer take my beloved Polaroids, i am excited to delve into a new realm of photography!

 Those are the only two i saved. Too bad! I might have looked at them with a different, less critical eye now. I don't k now what kind of film they were because i wasn't writing such things down at the time, but for sure they were just drugstore variety.
In other news-I went through several days of not sleeping. I mean NOT sleeping. Four nights. I slept a couple hours one morning, but that was about it. Trying different meds. Becoming manic and feeling like i was in a nightmare. Last night, I finally slept. It took me awhile to get t here, but i did sleep. I hope I'm on my way back to normal. I do weird things when I'm manic. This is the worst my sleep disorder has ever been.

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