Sunday, October 24, 2010

I crave white

I've been wanting to make a white, longish flowy dress for some time. I found some fabric that was tone-on-tone white flowers and have been hunting out what to do with the hem. I want something flowy or hankerchief like, and i found a few pics :

I want it to be below the knee. It's going to be a sort of empire waist, with little sleeves. It's semi-sheer, so someone would have to wear a slip underneath. Actually, a cami and black tights, and off white shoes. oooo, I have the perfect s hoes too. Maybe i'll want to keep this! oo i want to, but i have to make stuff for the shop. This will be a 4x. I tried it on and it looks incredibly beautiful against skin!  I am in the mood to make pretty dresses right now. I think after this one(and i'll post it), i'll make more=)
Post Script....I lined it in another fabric, one with very delicately raised dots. i made the top half hankerchief points on the sides, and the botton points on front and back. I scattered fleece petals, the kind i always make, on the bodice. Pics in a day or two!

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Jamie S. said...

Great idea! I think a combination of sorts with the 1st and 2nd one would be super cute :)

New follower! Would love for you to check it out :)