Friday, September 17, 2010

Signature Style and more about lynnie..

I love Lynn Yaeger! She is my biggest style  icon. She inspires me every day. She's odd, and that's why I like her. She's wonderful. I love her clothes,  her hair, her babydoll makeup. She is older, and she flaunts her uniqueness. Lynn was a fashion writer for the Village Voice for thirty years, and has been a contributer for Vogue and New York Times magazine. I have been inspired by her and another wonderful woman, Debora Rapoport, to do a third issue of project 50 about personal style. Debora has a wonderful sense of style, colorful, bold and beautiful! She also makes jewelry and accessories from leaves or peels of certain fruits, from the cardboard parts of big spools..and many other things. She says, if you can't wear it backwards or upside down, it's not worth owning! Of course I would not ever be able to interview Lynn Y.(sob), but I will be interviewing Debora and I am quite excited by it! Here are some more pics of Lynn and some of Debora. No matter what your age, these two can spurn you toward expressing yourself!

You can read more about Debora at Advanced Style.  What are you wearing today? What inspired it? xxxx

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