Saturday, September 04, 2010

new glasses
i just got my new glasses today! i can see without a big scratch in the way and a bent frame! the only thing i don't l ike about them is that they go farther down on my cheek, and show more of my eye wrinkles(which are quite prominent these days) than my old ones did. booooo. i'lll just have to get used to that i guess. maybe i won't smile as broadly. heh.wait! i just looked at my "me" pic and that's not true! it must be that i j ust have more wrinkles! sigh. the frames were only 12$! score.


PonyBoy Press said...

I think these are the same ones I have. I have them in red and black. I mostly wear the red ones.

deborah said...

oh you do? cool! i got mine from ebay. made in china, ha ha.