Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love Al Hoff! 
I just bought this book from, I had been wanting it for years! It is wonderful!!

"The more you want, the more you'll find!  The more you desire, the more you'll thrift!  The more you thrift, the more you'll see and add to your list!  If it sounds like some sort of self-perpetuating self-delusional justification for filling  your home with society's flotsam and jetsam-well, it is.  So what?  Let other people worry about your mental health and what a fire hazard your pad is.  You've got stuff to buy."

Published in 1997 ,  Thrift Score is most fun to read if you are at all a thrifter, like me! Stories about guerilla art thrifting(what a cool idea!), what to wear whilst thrifting, the miracle of melmac, 7,000 years of bowling fun, and lots, lots more. Al is entertaining and refreshing and makes me want to put my book mark in place and jet out to some local thrifts right now! It's cheapo on Amazon too here, for an unbelievable low of 22 cents! Get inspired! 

My favorite place to thrift ever is Value Village in Eugene, Oregon. Huge, and I never came out empty handed. I always found the best stuff! Actually it's in Springfield. Check it out if you're ever in the area. The thrifts in Alabama are NOT like the west coast's-there are virtually no housewares, just a really little bit. No fabric, very little bedding. No cameras. In Oregon, you can always get a cool old camera(aisles full!!), TONS of aisles of dishes alone, let alone other housewares, and tons of bedding. Tons of bedspreads at Value Village! Oh I miss it so!  I'm going to Oregon in November, so I'll be making a trip to Eugene!! xx

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