Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shrines and altars
i have long loved shrines and altars and have made many of them in my homes. as a child, we went to churches that were barren of any decoration, and i always wished that i could go to a church with lots of statues, candles, colored glass, and all the ritual. i also like shrines that are not necessarily of the Virgin. i like playful shrines, shrines for dogs, hindu shrines, dashboard shrines, voodoo shrines, and many others.  here are some of the shrines i have made and others' that i like..

yes, even a pee wee shrine(i did this)


sewers shrine by kathy cano murillo

my altar    

unknown nicho

my shrine

hindu altar

santeria altar

i love the home altars the best, these are what i have shown here. if you would like to submit pictures of your altars or shrines, i will do another post on this subject.
santeria altar is from carolina gonzoles,  the hindu altar is from, and sewing shrine is from kathy cano murillo if you know of the origin of the unknown altars, let me know and i will credit them.


cuppy said...

I have a few shrines around my house too!

deborah said...

you should send me a pic!

cuppy said...

You can see a couple of them here:

That window is in my closet & I keep some of my most favourite thing there :) :)

deborah said...

oh do i love that picture of moz! with the glitter. i need to make one like that! neat shrine!